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   Good day and welcome to our web site. In a short way we are called MIROMETAL and our main activity domain is to work the iron in the form of forged iron. We hope that this web site to offer you a precise image of who we are and what are the services that we provide and finally to give you confidence in contacting us .

  Style, performance, quality, respect for our clients, respect for our wok, respect for the quality of our works.
   These are elements on which we try to base our entire activity.

We expect you to contact us with confidence and to use our services !
  Our company is based entirely on a private capital and was founded in the year 2005, registered to the Register of Commerce with the number J27/776/2005 and having a fiscal code RO17569990 being situated in the commune of Timisesti, the village Plaiesu, Neamt district, Romania.
   The profiles of the company are : metallic confections and iron forged elements. The company owns the entire industrial line the is required to fulfill all the requests. The quality of our products is guaranteed with quality control certificates like ISO 2001. Our personnel is qualified and with real working experience. The management of the company is provided by experienced people like :
                 Mrs Miron Anisoara ( administrator )
                 Mr Miron Gheorghe ( director )
   The main activity of the company is the production of iron forget elements, gates, fences, handrails and iron furniture used both in the inside and the outside of the house. We also execute industrial gates and different metallic structures and we guarantee for our products. We offer robust products that have a fine quality of the design and the finishing. Our products are targeted for civil constructions (fencing, balcony, handrails, iron furniture and interior decorations) and for commercial spaces, company headquarters and public institutions (schools, monastery, urbanistic buildings) also. We have our own workshop were we manually forge the iron with qualified personnel and proper tools. Each element is executed base on a personal design project created in our workshop or made by our architects. The protection of different surfaces is accomplished through thermal treatment with zinc before painting. Through the process called “skating” and painting we obtain different colors such as copper, gold, silver, oxide copper with high resistance in time. All our products are unique and the customer has the power to decide the model, dimensions and the placement of the product.
   All our works are based on commercial contracts in which we specify : the model that needs to be done, the quantity, the materials that we use, the color, the price, the money advance and the terms of execution. We come to the client with the catalogue of products and our portfolio, we do the measurements and we present the price offer. We have a wide portfolio of works and we make sure that every customer receives proper technical assistance starting with the project design fase, the placement , the measurements and the fixing elements and we also offer advices and information that would lead us to a better quality and in the end the work has an unique look, elegant and with good taste. During the realisation of the project the client is invited to oversea the project closely so that any suggestion , preference or desire of his to be taken into account by us using the facilityes that we have. The transport and the editing of the project at the client's location is made by us using our tools. We also assure the finishig touches of the project (on client's demand) and in this category comes a wide range of operations such as: constructing the base of the fences, plating with ornamental stone, montage of electrical wires for automatic functions, installing lighting pillars.
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